Tuesday, January 08, 2013

seriously i said. sometimes im super duper happy with my life. but sometimes im really really hate it.

but never mind. 

it's me.
it's my life.
it's my journey.
it's my destination.
it's only and only about me.
me myself.

surrounded with the greatest mom. loving siblings. beloved friends. sweet hatersssss ( i guess everyone has hater. maybe one or maybe many. only guess lol ) and so on. it makes my life moreeeee colourful. amazing. awesome! seriously.

you love me? then i will love you more. more than you ever know.
you miss me? then i will miss you more. 
you hate me? then, do i care? 

im so sorry for posting this in english. im trying to improve my english as mush as i can. grammar error? like i care. macam lah english kau betul pun. orang omputih speaking tak betul, mereka tak kisah pun. tapi tu lahh. mentaliti orang melayu nih pelik sikit. so, bila orang melayu nak pandai speaking kalau bila try je, mesti kena kutukk. seee? lol :P

btw, im glad knowing persons who love me and persons who hate me :] 

p . s : SHE IS SO STUPID. yes she is. and she is me. why why why i told like that? ohmaigod maluuuuuuuu >.< i hope you will keep the secret. pleaseeeeeee. 

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