Sunday, October 23, 2011

hye hye SPM, bye bye SMU #wahh tak sabar nak cakap

cepat cepat sikit habis exam oii :] lepas exam tarikh islam esok, tak sabar sabar nak ucap :

BYE BYE SPM, HYE HYE SPM :] welcome to my life.

ya allah, i beg. if you dont give me what i want, at least let me want what i have. let me accept what you have given for me. please dont make be a person who not thankful for you. i know you will give me the best, maybe i dont ever know what is the best for now.

we cannot change yesterday, we can only make the most of today and look with hope toward tomorrow.

SPM, lepas ni kau boleh la start jadi bestfriend aku kan kan? haha wahhh sukanyaaaaaa :] #menyampah aku! SPM, pleasee be nice okayyyy? aku dah naik semangat nak struggle kau, even cakap je lebih nak study nak study tapi tak study study jugak. haha insyaallah, for my sake and for my parents, i will try my best :]

#aku nak pakai kot putih ni nanti besar. pleasee, jangan bagi aku kecut perut lagi tengok darah

i will strive! i will struggle! struggling for be a doctor :] #even i know i cant be a doctor. 

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