Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I nearly killed myself in high school for getting a straight A1 in high school. it is because of this education experience and the people that I meet around in Intec that I gradually opened my eyes and have a clearer view on what I truly lost throughout the struggle to acquire straight 16A1 in SPM.

1. I lost friends and family
In the end you will find that friends and family are things that you can’t replaced with money and fame. The high school memories you spent with your family and friends are valuable cause these are memories that you created when you were still a teen, and you will never ever had a second chance to be a teen again. Much of my high school time were spent in studying and tuition. In the end, when I graduated from my high school, or even my current college, I was wondering: where are my memories?

2. Lack of sleep. 
When people keep looking at you shining glamorously as the “16A1″, you yourself know the best that it was paid with real hard works. During the SPM I had a serious sleep deprivation and I forced myself to revise my works starting from 3 a.m. Homework is directly proportional to the number of subjects that you took, so does the time you need to spend for revision. With the extra curricular activities coming into the schedule, my average sleeping time per day is 3-5 hours.

3. When A1 becomes just the average.
You will have no idea how easy it is to achieve A1 in SPM. The number of students having straight A1 is overflowing throughout the Malaysia, and you might be thinking just like me: having more A1 will make you stand out among your peers more.When you go to college you will find out that there are more students who are BETTER than you even if their SPM has a Fail in Moral or C in Bahasa or D in Physics. They are very specialized in subjects that they truly love. They are very passionate in their own interested subject. Only when you are in the college, you will realize that, despite all the large numbers of A1 that you have in your hand, you are just AVERAGE.

4. Mediocre talents.
High school is supposed to be a place where you can try out new things in your life, discover what you are loving or passionate in, and nurture these discovered traits. It is a protected area where you are allowed to explore, make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. It is the foundation for you to start discovering who you are and what you are good at. When I am at college, A LOT of my friends have their own talents. They play musical instruments; they take stunning pictures, they are good at socializing, things that you can’t learn if you are just confining yourself surrounded with books and books in your own room.

5. You forgot what you have learnt
It is a really great experience to learn things beyond your stream. But when I am in college I forgot almost most of the things that I have learnt in high school. If you calculate it you find that it isn’t really a good deal compared to what you had lost. The reason is that SPM is so examination-based that you, in spite of how passionate you are in your subject, will subconsciously study for the exam. With this attitude you tend to forget what you have learnt the moment the exam is over.

6. All and all, nobody really cares.
Wake up! Nobody cares how many A1 you will have in your certs. JPA or Bank Nengara or Petronas might have a glimpse on it, but in the end, nobody will be amazed by your certs. Ask your future boss and he won’t really care a shit about it. It will be a past. In the end it is what who you are that shines to the others: your characters, your personality, your experience! A1 is not worth the price if you lost all these.
But wait! I need straight A1 to get scholarship!

Some families are in dire needs to have a scholarship to provide their children a tertiary education. But trust me, JPA is not the only way to have the scholarship. Opportunities are everywhere. If you have the character, the personality, the experience and the courage to try things out and explore the possibilities that you can have beyond JPA and SPM, you will realize that, you can still success without a scholarship. 

Nothing is too late. I am not afraid to try things new, even if it means things that are embarrased. I read more as compared to my high school time. I am not saying that study is not important; I am just saying that knowing that what you really want in your life and who you are eventually is so much more important than just the numbers of A1 in your certs.

only a few words i can say - speechless, terkaku, terkedu, amaze, rasa malu, rasa hina, rasa semua di atas belepuk atas muka, rasa semua yang dikatakan itu benar, rasa ? entahentahentah! macam macam rasa dah yang aku rasa sekarang. >.<

SPM Is nothing! but at least, try to get straight a to make your parents proud having you as their daughter :) segalanya kekuasaan allah. straight a atau tidak, takdir! allah yang tentukan segalanya.

sekian (: - tengah refleksi diri.

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ash said...

Selagi ada peluang untuk berusaha yang diberikan oleh Allah, maka usaha la..jika tak dapat itu tandanya Allah tahu apa yang lebih baik buat anda. Jangan jadi seperti saya yang tidak berusaha maka Allah bagi apa yang setimpal dengan usaha saya. Just an advice from a mere person who had experince SPM before without "ikhtiar".