Thursday, November 15, 2012

i dreamt of studying overseas because i want to experience being a foreigner and being independent. but that can't come true too. i'm currently studying, in malaysia.

there're loads more dreams i wish would come true, but i think being a doctor and studying overseas were my 2 top things i wanted but didn't get.

pasal studying overseas lak, i guess i didn't get it coz it wouldn't do me good. the way i used to be, i think i akan jadi lebih rosak instead of better. coz i adapt easily and i wasn't strong in my beliefs.
i imagine if i was in a foreign country.. i probably would adapt to their lifestyle and ikut cara diorang. i think i akan lupa diri..
i thought being strong means being independent, being as far away from family as possible, but now i think being strong heavily depends on the heart.
and my heart wasn't strong dulu.

Allah SWT knows and understands me better than anyone else. myself included.
i didn't know what's best for me, i don't know my capabilities, i don't know my weaknesses, i don't know a lot of things about myself!

but i do know i have Allah SWT to trust and choose what's best for me for Allah SWT is the best of planners =)

#kata kata di atas merupakan kata kata kak maria helen dan ia buat aku sedar siapa diri aku yang sebenarnya ;')

impian kak maria sama dengan aku. dan insyaallah kalau impian terbesar aku iaitu nak jadi seorang doktor, selamatkan nyawa ummah islam, dan juga study overseas tak tercapai. insyaallah aku akan move on ! 

aku harap aku mampu redha. one day.

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