Saturday, December 01, 2012

i did not want to say something.or anything.
but i just want to say, i hope this. 

i like this video.and i like her true love story.
i wonder, if outside there,
there's someone who will be like that.
a perfect guy.

c'mon.i know im not a perfect muslimah.
im not like the other girls.
but me is me.

however,i didnt like marriage at young age.
i have plans for my life.
i want to be a doctor first.
and the most thing is,
i want make my parents proud of me.

hey! that's not mean i nih gatal okay?
im just wondering.
hmm.haha :)

#sejak aku tengok warkah cinta,
aku start tertanya tanya. apakah? cukup sekadar rahsia hati.
lepas spm, aku akan genggam novel warkah cinta :)
dan insyaallah.aku akan temui jawapan. 

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