Monday, December 24, 2012

thanks god! finally the day comesss T.T like seriouslyyyyy.i could not believe just now i went to karisma just for kex. no more spm. yahooooo! oh silly

the main reasonn why i choose kex, not the other tuition, oxford,titian jaya etc just because i know kak marina. i trust her and captain. i believe them so much! i believe they can train me to be someone who can do anythingggggggg that i want. not anything, but something.inshaallah :] i know they can make me like a super duper power diamond! shininggggggg ^^ oh mannn.

why i want to join kex? why kex? let me give you some reasons.

1. gain self-confidence.

2. remove nervous, anxiety and so on.
3. can talk in front others.
4. learn about life. know the true life seriouslyyy
5. friendship between girls and boys. not relationship.but friendship.
6. prevent me from culture shock when i go outside.mix around with boy gonna make me crazyyyyyyyyyyy :/
7. feel curious about the truth what other senior told me about kex.
8. want to try.brave to speaking ^^
9. want to be a good leader. i realise it when i went to interview at utp last last week.whatsoever >.<
10. i think i MUST 'know' english very well.for my future

and the list goes onnnnnn ^^

i prefer group 1 :] 

monday - wednesday [ 8.30am - 11.30am ]

#i wish i will be at the same group with he/she. how i wish~ 

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