Monday, June 20, 2011

look, i am sorry. i am sorry for bothering you. i am sorry for all the texts i send you. i am sorry i ask random questions. i am sorry that i ask about your life. i am sorry that i am a bother to you. i am sorry that i always recite all those silly friendship quotes. but heres the truth. i am not sorry for any of those things, i only did it because you are my friend. what i am really sorry for is that you dont realize how much our friendship means to me. i am sorry that i have a deep worry that this friendship wont last much longer. i am sorry i wanted to talk to you. i am sorry i wanted to get your opinions and advice on things. i just thought that is what friends did. i am sorry i was willing to do anything to get your attention. i didnt know being friends was too much to ask from you. i am sorry that i am now left with only memories of what used to be. please do me one favor, when you see the tears gently falling down my cheeks, dont try to comfort me. i dont need a reminder of how i could always tell you everything, how you'd sit by me and just hold me while i cried. so please, if this is over then lets just say our goodbyes and walk away and not look back because i cant believe that a friendship i once held so dear to my heart is now fading to nothing. now thats really what i am sorry for. 

i am mature enough to forgive you but not dumb enough to trust you.

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