Thursday, July 07, 2011

let the rain wash away all of our hearts and let the sun shine again.

2 tahun tak sama dengan 2 bulan kan ? ;')

saya tahu awak yang call saya jumaat lepas mase saya tengah cari kamus kat kbmall hari tu.

tapi saya try buat buat tak kenal even dalam hati rase macam, ya allah rase macam nak jerit jerit cakap eh happy nya kitaaaaa XD ;) mula mula rase macam menyesal. tapi bila pikir pikir, takpe lahh baik untuk kesihatan :)

the 'sad'moment when you realize you can remember the sound of someone's voice

p.s : do the best in your exam yaaaa! &&&& wish you luck for buy-ing the 'ticket' for oversea.

i wanna say thank you for always being nice to me and staying by my side, for helping fix my problems and never leaving me behind, for making me laugh and letting me cry.

everything you mean to me, you could never know in all the ways you have changed my life. I COULD NEVER SHOW !

last, as long as we are living, no matter when or where, if you ever need me, just call and i will be there, insyaallah.

you are my awesomeeee frienddddd ! 

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