Sunday, September 25, 2011

can i trust any person now ?

whenever a person is ignoring me, what they are actually doing is making a conscious choice to communicate that i am not important to them. and it is also giving me an idea to care less :]
if you ignore me, well, i will ignore you too. if you dont start the conversation, we wont talk, forever? if you dont put in the effort, why should i? 
im tired of people who are like hot and then cold. one day they will talk to you like there is no tomorrow and make you feel important and probably make you fall for them. and then one day it is like you dont even exist in their life. they ignore you like they are having an amnesia or something like taht. its like they are no where to be found. its like they are playing mind games. people are so confusing! 
please, dont ever tell me it is gonna be alright. because i know that too! and right now, im lost! it just bad!

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