Wednesday, January 16, 2013

public speaking

on monday just 2 days ago, i did my public speaking and how was it? alhamdulillah not really good but seriously bad, because i cant do perform very well as my heart beated very fast and also because of the ringgggg ringgggg. ohmaigodd! lol >.<

today, KM choosed 6 persons who perform very well in public speaking and seriously it was so amazing when i knew im one of it. but i never expect that from 6 persons, only 3 of them be the selected to perform in front of the others group.

seriously i never expect it! at first, i asked KM if can i change my place with fatin. but she said, 'shahira, you wanna be a doctor right? i will the the best training for you.' and when i heard the words - doctor && training, without any hesitation i accept it. haha

think positive (:

here is my classmate sayangg ;

p.s : dear you, if you HATE me, pleaseee say it! at least i knoww about that. dont just 'talk' only behind me. do talk in front of meeeee. i dont know who are you. but i know someone hate me in that class. i know it but i didnt know who. 

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AmalinaLee said...

Untungnya Ira dpt pengalaman mcm ni huhu