Thursday, January 24, 2013

salam maulid ya antum, antunna sekalian (:

it's been too long time i didnt write, post anything in this blog because lately, im so so busyy with my assignment. i just feel like ? haha :P 

okay, last week, i had my public speaking. like i told ya guys in previous entry. and it was really tough i can tell you because it drove me crazy when i need to talk in front, to make my text, and so onnnnn. haha (: but luckily, KM commented, i didnt look nervous when im in front, but she knew that my heart pounding like crazyyyy. and i was ehhhh? alhamdulillah. then, this monday i need, i must to do that again in front of the other group - group 2 :'( group 2 bebeh!! ada miss semak jetakk -.-' haha

and last week, eh noo this week, we got encyclopedia assignment. and it more difficult compared to SIE because it must have models, acting, slide, layout, paperwork and so onnn. what the most 'interesting' about our group is - we got the most difficult topic from 6 topic. so suckkk -.-' on monday, i exploded my anger towards him and alhamdulillah after that, we work as teamwork again and yeahhh we did it (:

seriously we never expected this because if all of you know our problems when we need to do the research and so on, im pretty sure that you guys never expect we became the first choice from others student. serious okay? im not kidding. 

for the next assignment - tourist interview. we need to separate and i felt im losing my group. my group (: i love much.seriously. but never mind :)

okay and now. this monday - i need to perform my best as i need to make my group proud with me. yes! i need it.

just pray for me.

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